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The Curse of the Feng Shui Money Frog!?!

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

ARe Feng Shui Money Frogs classed as cursed objects or are they possessed of more friendly and positive forms of powers and qi (chi)?

Let me first start off by saying that there is no such thing as the curse of the Feng Shui Money Frog but I had you going, didn't I? I just thought that would make a catchy title for my article about Feng Shui and the Feng Shui Money Frog. Of course I also think it would make a good title for a big budget Hollywood blockbuster, perhaps starring Jackie Chan, and I am of course open to any cash offers of this sort. First we will start off by briefly looking at what is Feng Shui and some of its origin and history. Then we will look at the Feng Shui Money Frog and how to take advantage of its power. Once again though, there is NO such thing as the Curse of the Feng Shui Money Frog, in fact, rather the reverse is true because the power of the Feng Shui Money Frog is used to attract wealth into your life, home and business!

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, also known as Kanyu is chinese and means "wind and water". These are the two containers for the Qi(Chi). Since life exists within either air or water, Qi(Chi) is said to be the life energy that flows within these two environments. Qi(Chi) is a very important force in nature and has major influences on many oriental disciplines including Buddhism and most martial arts philosophies. It is the goal of Feng Shui to orient one's dwellings, one's possessions, and one's land and landscaping, so that it is in harmony with the flow of Qi(Chi). Feng Shui considers all cultural and social issues to be influenced by natural, metaphysical and cosmological factors. To understand Feng Shui one needs understanding of magnetic fields and how they influence people, astronomy, Chinese astrology, the weathering process of building materials, and of how the forces of nature act on buildings and their surroundings.

Feng Shui has influence not only on placement of items with a structure but also on how the structure is built and even on the site on which it is built. Most of the Feng Shui influences on site location can be attributed to common sense. In ancient China a city was planned using a system concentric rectangles fortified by walls and surrounded by hills, valleys, gardens, courtyards, lakes and parks. The ancient Chinese tried to ensure that both the natural and building environments were planned to enhance positive (Qi or Chi) energy flow. Taoist ideas of opposites (Yin and Yang, solid and void, earth and water) were used to landscape the area. The left of the buildings represented Yang or male force and was connected to the forces of heaven. The right side of the building represented Yin or the female force and was connected with the energies of the earth. Buildings, even the Palaces of the Emperors were constructed in such a way as to promote harmony in family and harmony with nature.

Many think of Feng Shui as a style of decoration but it is more of a discipline for arranging everything in one's life so that it is harmony with the environment otherwise know as the flow of qi. For instance sharp corners of a structure and geometrically straight line lines should not point to where the people are in a room. Clutter is to be avoided. Stairs should never face the front entrance. Some objects are believe to have the power to gather wealth, love, and luck in one's life while others are believe to have the power of reflecting or shifting negative and evil energy from a space. The latter would include certain crystal forms, wind chimes, mirrors and of course fountains and pools of water. A perfect example of the former would be the Feng Shui Money Frog.

The practice of Feng Shui began in the either the late Qin or early Han dynasty. This period dates from about birth of Christ to sometime around the early third century BC. The early Chinese, like the early Egyptians were obsessed with ancestor worship. Feng Shui was originally intended for ideal placement of gravesites so that people could gain the most benefit from their ancestors. As time progressed Feng Shui evolved to include harmony for the living. Feng Shui is believed to have evolved from the even more ancient practice of Vastu which itself stems from the ancient Vedic tradition of the early Hindus. None of this is being offensive to practitioners Feng Shui however because evolution is itself in harmony with nature.

Early Feng Shui was mostly handed down through the centuries through oral tradition. This is due to an effort to burn all written Feng Shui materials during the Qin dynasty. The order of Chinese dynasties is: Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Lio, Jin, Yuan, Ming, Qing and had their beginning around 3000 years ago. The Jin Dynasty is famous for the War of Eight Princes and The Battle of Fei. It was during this time that the Burial Book by Guo Pu was written and is considered to be a good work based on the early oral traditions. Many consider the most authoritative book on Feng Shui is generally considered to be the "Qing Nang Jing" by Huang Shi Gong written in the Qin Dynasty. And inspiring the Feng Shui burnings which occurred soon after. There are other's who view the books of Yang Yun Song and his followers to be the most authoritative works. These books are hard to read and don't translate well because they are cryptic in nature and believed to be similar to the Bible in that they are a written form of an oral tradition handed down through centuries. They were written during the Tang Dynasty.

Today we are blessed(?) with several popular schools of Feng Shui most of which contradict each other and more books have been written on this subject than anyone could ever possibly read. Today's schools are based on the San-yuan(Three Periods) School founded around 1150 years ago and features the "Flying Stars System" to chart the flow of energy in buildings. The San-ho School (Three Combinations) is about 150 years younger and is focused on the energy flow between mountains and waterways. This is the school, which uses a Feng Shui compass that has been specifically developed for the classification of land and building sites. The Hsuan-kung School (Mysterious Subtleties) is about 200 years younger yet and was originally designed to compliment the San-ho by expanding its tradition into the building construction area. The Pa-chai School is the baby of the traditional Chinese Feng Shui schools yet it is itself about 300 years old. Many modern Feng Shui are trained in at least two of these schools and do their best to reconcile the many contradictions that can be found between there various teachings of the various schools.

Now that we have finished our time traveling we will discuss the wealth, relationship, and luck aspects of Feng Shui and from there we will finally meet the accursed(;) Feng Shui Money Frog. Once the building is built certain objects made from certain materials are placed conspicuously in pre-determined areas around the home or place of business to ward off evil influences and to attract positive energy (Qi or Chi). These objects can include Buddhas (including female Buddhas also known as Qin Juans), Dragons and other Guardians. These Feng Shui objects are placed at appropriate compass points and facing directions, which can themselves, vary depending on the use, time of day, month and year, and also on the school of belief used. The subject is far too varied to go into detail in a mere article however we will delve a bit into the uses and placement of the Feng Shui Money Frog and finally on where traditional Feng Shui Money Frogs may be obtained.

The Traditional Feng Shui Money Frog is usually sculpted to hold a Ching Dynasty coin (or at least a Chinese coin) in its mouth and is usually depicted sitting on lots of gold ingots, coins and wealth. Making the symbol even more powerful, the Feng Shui Money Frog will have a crown on its head to signify its authority for creating wealth. A bagua would also often be carved on its back to protect against loss of wealth. Strings of Chinese coins can be strung behind the back of the Feng Shui Money Frog to even further enhance its power. Another important factor to consider before purchasing a Money Frog is to ensure there are 7 dots of stars to represent 7 Great North Pole stars of the bagua, which fundamentally triggered the study of Feng Shui in ancient China. The Feng Shui Money Frog is sometimes called a Three Legged Toad or Frog or "Chan Chu") and it is the most significant symbol of wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui. Because of its association with wealth building and money gain the Feng Shui Money Frog is also linked to the moon.

Chinese legends have it that the Feng Shui Money Frog was the wife of one of the Eight Immortals and she was turned into a frog as a punishment for stealing a peach from the Tree of Heaven. And like most women she has cravings for wealth and money. For generations since ancient China, this mythical Feng Shui Money Frog is the most powerful of five Chinese holy creatures that attract wealth, power, good health and love and protect us from evil influences and misfortune.

The Feng Shui Money Frog can be placed in many places to both attract wealth, build prosperity and ward off the losing of both: 1) Place either one, three, six or nine randomly in your living room. If you have a garden they should also be placed randomly there too. They are placed randomly to signify them hopping as they bring lots of wealth and money scattering all over your home and your outside living area. Your Feng Shui Money Frogs will hop out during the afternoon to collect money, wealth and prosperity and return at night with it sticking to their feet. They do not need to be treated as deities so they may be placed low or on the ground. In fact they should not be placed too high or they may be afraid to jump off and go out to seek wealth for you. The Feng Shui Money Frog should be placed randomly in the living room, dining room, or any gather room or outside in your garden. But do not place Feng Shui Money Frogs in kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms. A good concentration of them should be placed in your wealth corner. They can be placed diagonally facing your main door and some inward facing, but never facing straight out of the door the front door or they will leave and never return. 2) To double the income of your home you may consider placing two Feng Shui Money Frogs at the guardian positions directly inside the front entrance of your premises with their heads looking in. This invites constant cash flow and prevents your gained wealth from leaving. 3) Your wealth corner, which should be located in the southeast corner of either your living room or premises as a whole. Feng Shui Money Frogs should be placed in the wealth corner facing in the direction indicated by your personal Sheng Chi number which can be referencing the Feng Shui Sheng Chi page located at Ye Old Art Shoppe The placement location is also very important and is determined by where lucky stars numbers eight and nine are located. It is often said that at these points you will sometimes experience unexplained gusts of wind. 4) Feng Shui Money Frogs are a must for businessmen who want to succeed. In a place of business the Feng Shui Money Frog should be placed at or near your cash register and also should be placed just inside the door of your safe facing in to protect your acquired day's receipts. If you have an office a wealth corner should be set up in the southeast corner of your office as described in three. A Feng Shui Money frog may also be placed on your desk but not at a direct angle to the front entrance of your office. And not if you are sit with your back to a window or with your back to the door. 5) Finally for housewives and gamblers a Feng Shui money frog should be placed by you at the altar of the God of the Earth.

Where can you find the most powerful Feng Shui Money Frogs and a very powerful selection of Feng Shui Art and Feng Shui Sculpture objects? The author would suggest that you first try at Ye Old Art shoppe located at for a powerful selection of hand sculpted Feng Shui Money Frogs created from bronze, quartz, agate and goldstone in various sizes and styles. Dragons, including turtle dragons sitting atop coins, Buddhas, including Quan Jin, and many other Feng Shui and oriental art objects are available. Ye Old Art Shoppe is your source for Oriental Art, Oriental Sculpture, Feng Shui Art and Feng Shui Sculpture. But no cheap junk! Searchers and Questers after cheap junk should look elsewhere for only individually handcrafted unique works of art may be found at Ye Old Art Shoppe!

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Grandma was RIGHT! Learning to Forgive witih Feng Shui

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

Letting go of the old to allow the new in is a major principle in Feng Shui. Why then, when we are hurt by another?s actions do we find it so hard to forgive? We are taught to ?Go With the Flow? knowing that whatever is happening in our present is in our best interests, even though it may seem far from it at the time and it is often too difficult to see how such a negative force could ever have any good outcome.

It is in the very act of letting go and releasing that hurt and energy that we carry around that which nourishes us, in the long run. If you take the perspective that it is far better for YOU to learn to let go of pain we feel others have caused us you may find it easier. Through Maya Angelou we know that when we KNOW better, we DO better. A simple sentence with a lot of impact.

Without making excuses for the other person?s actions as a way to forgive them, just assume they didn?t know any better. Remember, our perception of any event or action is always different from another person?s perspective. It has always been impossible and quite often a waste of precious Energy to get someone to see things in a different light. We are the ones, then, that need to change our thoughts over the incident to release it and feel better, mentally and physically. It is a difficult concept, yet if I look back in my life to my own past hurts and disappointments perceived by another person?s actions, I can see that eventually GOOD came from it. In ways that I never would have expected.

Perhaps it is because it caused us to change our course of direction, spurred us on to take actions or do things we wouldn?t previously have done. Perhaps it is the theory that really is a universal law, that ?What goes around, comes around? and we need do nothing harmful or revengeful to another with that law so firmly in place. It is only in changing OUR way of thinking, our perceptions of the situation and realizing that as difficult as it may seem at the moment to see any good possibly occurring from it, somehow learning to just know it on a different level will help us reach the state we need to heal ourselves.

Illness in our own bodies is a buildup of negative and blocked energy. When we can learn to take just the few positive things that come from any negative situation or to ?see the silver lining? as my Grandmother used to say, we are only helping ourselves to deal and cope and thereby not allowing a buildup of this precious Energy escape us through ill health. According to Chinese principles, we are only born with a certain amount of Energy and when that energy is used is when we pass to another place. They firmly believe that the only way to replace and restore this energy is through the ancient art of Tai Chi.

Unfortunately, not many of us practice Tai Chi (have you noticed how old some of those people that are faithfully in the Parks actually are?) Our alternative, then, would be to truly learn to let go and release old hurts, pain and disappointments for ourselves, to free ourselves and keep ourselves well. And believe that when these people do know better, they will do better.

And to see the silver lining in any situation. Grandma was right, after all.

Feng Shui Expert

By: Carole Provenzale

Feng Shui Long Island

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Ba Zi And Feng Shui

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

Ba Zi can be literal translate as 'Eight Characters'. Basically, Ba Zi is derived from birth date: the year, month, day and time you were born. Each consists of a distinct pair of characters, hence making up the eight characters. From these eight characters, thousands of combination is possible. Ba Zi is derived from four pair of character, thus, sometime people refer to it as the Four Pillars or Si Zhu as well.

To the Chinese, a period of sixty year is known as one Jia Zi. In ancient China, from experience and by observing the nature, the Chinese discovered a phenomenon. A cycle of climatic or chronology event seem to repeat every sixty year. Meaning if year 2000 is a full of rainfall, the climate for 2060 would be similar. With this knowledge, prevention can be make. Especially, since the weather has an impact on the agriculture, economy and health.

The eight characters are make up of Yin and Yang variation of the Five Elements: Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Fire, Yin Fire, Yang Earth, Yin Earth, Yang Metal, Yin Metal, Yang Water and Yin Water. By analyzing the combination of these eight characters, the personality, destiny of a person can be determine.

With a deeper understanding of ones own personality, you can open up potential and maximize growth. Have better emotional control and decision making. With the knowledge of upcoming influence forces, you are more ready to react and bring out the best performance and avoid unnecessary set back. Knowing your destiny does not mean "That is it. I am fate to be..." This knowledge should be view as a guidance, a map, a motivation booster.

Destiny can be change. But you have to put in a lot of hard work, a lot of perseverance, a lot of determination. There is no free lunch. For example, you have a Ba Zi which indicates that you will be rich. Each day passes by, you dream about what you are going to do when you are rich. You dream about how you are going to spend the money. BUT, you do nothing to make your dream come true. You say to yourself "I am fated to be rich one day... it does not matter if I work hard or not ..." Soon, one day, when your are too old and weak, you will find that you are not rich at all, instead, you are in debt, facing bankruptcy!

What does Ba Zi got to do with Feng Shui? You might ask? Think of Ba Zi as a map, with road sign and indicators to guide you along your life path. Feng Shui becomes the tool that would help you to overcome any obstacle and let you have a smooth journey. For example, if your Ba Zi indicates that you are a hot-tempered person and you find that your relationship with others is not too good. You are constantly angry and it seems like everybody come looking for a fight. The Feng Shui consultant would analysis your Ba Zi and might advice you to wear a sapphire ring, for example. Slowly you would find that there is a change to your life. You find that you have lesser argument with the people around you. You feel good. You can focus on your personal growth. You can do the things that truly resonate with your heart.

Qi Yuan Feng Shui offer feng shui, palmistry, face reading and selection of auspicious date consultaion for individual, businesses and residential clients. Check for more info at or feel free to drop us a mail at

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Feng Shui and Chi

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

Feng Shui is an ancient discipline which shifts the chi (life force energy) in your home to improve your life. Children are indeed a blessing and add joy to one's household. In ancient times, a family was regarded as incomplete without children. Many methods were utilized so that couples could be successful in their bids for children. However, like many young things, children can get out of hand sometimes. Applying Feng Shui can help you enhance your relationship with your children, understanding their needs and so strengthening family ties. If you wish to enhance your relationship with your children, sleep with your head pointed at your Nien Yin direction. You can find this direction using your Kua number Sleeping in this position will help bring you closer to your children and strengthen family ties.

If you have been trying for children or your offspring are getting out of hand, check if there is any offending man-made structure that is sending out harmful poison arrows towards your main door. To boost up romance, play smart with lighting. Yellow, white and red lights are just appropriate to set the mood for romance. Use soft romantic shades in your room like pink. Ideally windows should have direct natural light.

According to the 8 Life Aspirations, children and descendants are governed by West. The element of West is Small Metal and the colors are Gold, Silver and White. Metal is produced by Earth and is destroyed by Fire. Avoid having any major Fire or Water element in this section of your home.

If you wish to enhance your relationship with your children, sleep with your head pointed at your Nien Yin direction. You can find this direction using your Kua number Sleeping in this position will help bring you closer to your children and strengthen family ties.

Add trees, plants or upward lighting to raise energy. Plants are signs of life, but they must be kept healthy, dead or dying plants or even dead leaves are bad Feng Shui, as they represent death and decay.

Clear your clutter. Not just the obvious junk lying around, but also old books/CDs/DVDs that you don't like anymore, old clothes that are too big/too small, stuff that's accumulated in random drawers/closets. Even your garage should be a tidy place to store things, not a mass of boxes and random stuff.

Don't make your house a storehouse of old useless things. Maintain cleanliness and throw away what is not required or what has become obsolete. Its important to make way for proper ventilation so that old energy can find space to go out so as to let new fresh positive energy get in. There is a need for some relocation of furniture. Even if you move your furniture just by an inch or so, it will generate positive energy.

If the West section is missing in your home, you can install a bright light or a mirror to partially remedy this problem. You can also activate the West section of your bedroom as well.

Energize the East section of your home. East represents Health and Longevity - the colour of East is dark green and the element is wood. If the East section of your home is located in the living room, dining room or a room that is not used as a bedroom, place some live potted plants or furniture made of real wood to activate the corner.

Water is good in the wealth areas of a home, but never in the bedroom. Add fountains to increase the flow of Yang energy or a fish tank for a double bonus of Feng Shui, water plus a living animal is excellent Feng Shui. To counter a large, imposing fireplace, place a picture of a waterfall directly above the fireplace, or put a fountain next to it.

About the Author Rob Daniels is a long term practitioner of Yoga and Pilates additional articles available at Pilates Shop and Yoga Store

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Feng Shui And The I Ching

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

The I Ching (pronounced E Ching - aka "The Book of Changes") is perhaps the most ancient known of the classic Chinese texts (these texts date from the pre-Qin era - the Qin Dynasty ruled during 221 to 207 BC) and also one of the oldest texts known from antiquity.

The I Ching describes an ancient system of cosmology along with a philosophy at the very center of Chinese cultural beliefs still firmly in use today. The crux of this philosophy deals with the dynamics apparent between yin and yang and also how both yin and yang interact upon each other in opposing yet paradoxically complimentary ways.

Yin represents the still, the calm, the mellow whilst yang represents the exact opposite movement, frenetic activity and stress!

At the core of the I Ching are eight iconic depictions known as Trigrams. Each trigram is comprised of yin and yang line elements. The origin of these trigrams is attributed to the figure "Fu Hsi" some 5 millenia ago.

More information on the history of the trigrams and the Lo Shu can be found here:

The I Ching uses two trigrams, one placed upon the other to form a Hexagram. The different combinations of the stacked trigrams give rise to some 64 different I Ching hexagrams - each of which when used in combination can give valuable insights to the answers sought by divination practitioners.

Many people look upon the I Ching as purely a system of divination whereas others see it's contents as teachings - full of the wisdom of the Chinese ancients.

It's title throws up a profound view of it's contents:

"I" when used as an adjective means "simple or easy" but when used as a verb means "to change".

"Ching" means "classic text" but the original meaning is one of "persistence" or "regularity"

A popular translation of this title is "Book of Changes" but it is also known as "Classic of Changes" - a title growing in use of late.

The underlying message within the I Ching recognised by many is one of "the ultimate way" or truth - no matter what time the reader comes across the contents, the information contained within will still be as fresh and applicable as the day it was written.

If the information is understood, applied and followed - you can enjoy the easiest of paths through life.

The I Ching is one of the foundations of Feng Shui (or as it was known in antiquity "Xiangdi" - meaning the observation and appraisal of the earth). Before the Qin dynasty (approximately 475 to 221 BC), Feng Shui Experts poured over the I Ching in great depth and used it's teachings to influence the fundamentals of Feng Shui as we know it today.

Along with the I Ching, Feng Shui has it's roots firmly steeped in the philosophies of Taoism and Confusianism as well.

Tracy O'Brien is a long time student and practitioner of the ancient art of Feng Shui. She is also the founder of Visit now for more Feng Shui Tips, FREE Feng Shui Astrology Reading and more information on Feng Shui And I Ching

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Feng Shui Practice

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

This article which you are about to read has been written because of a growing interest in this subject all around the world, and I hope that by reading this you will have a few of your questions answered.

A belief, a system or a dogma that has existed, survived and is still in popular use today is worth taking a second look at. To dismiss them would simply be idiotic as many already have, and have proven nothing aside from making it known that they do not cotton onto the obvious.

There will always be the skeptics and believe me, they have had their share of helping issues to be advertised freely and more forcefully since once they have committed their emotions into fighting against something it happens that they become even more vocal than the adherents. It is true with religions, ideologies, new inventions and discoveries and yes, even Feng shui.

And so again, what is Feng shui and for centuries now, why has it survived?

In a nutshell, it is the result of the persistence of man in trying to live with his environment through harmonizing with it so that he gathers the positive forces and influences of nature to improve his wellness. Not a bad idea at all. In fact it almost sounds like most of the precepts in all the major religions except that it is not a religion. It is a practice. A belief system developed since the ancient times in China. Feng shui has persisted and spread, to almost all the known parts of the world. Unbeknown to many cultures, many Feng shui principles are already being practiced by them although with different connotations and justifications.

The practice of Feng shui has taken a prominent consideration in building designs, selecting sites, locations, decorations, business, personal practices, interrelationships, houses, rooms, pathways, medicine, you name it. It could be applied to almost everything and yes even the contour of a face and the force of character and vision in a person is said to be contributors to gaining good qi (pronounced as chi, a kind of energy from which life emanates) or not. Almost everything could be drawn to gain good Feng shui or bad Feng shui. It could have thousands of applications, from womb to tomb.

It is not exactly known when and where Feng shui started. There are very few written accounts of Feng shui prior to the last century. The practice then was to hand over the knowledge by word of mouth, from master to the student.

Even with that, the practice continued and improved. One thing that it owes to is that Feng shui is intuitive in nature and is practical. While it has often been dismissed as superstition, a bull and a crap, by those who are against it, its longevity could be traced to the benefits of all those who applied its principles. This proves as always, that the best argument is never good enough when it is aimed against success.

Feng shui holds so much validity for the Orientals that there were Chinese emperors who had their experts executed for fear that the knowledge could be used against them. In the 19th century, the Chinese government had control over the distribution of charts, numerical data and diagrams that were included in the almanacs that it released to the public.

Feng shui is an old practice that has developed through the centuries. In fact it is a part of the Chinese philosophy. The earliest formal account though is through the writings of Chu Hsi who lived during the Song Dynasty around 1126 to 1278. His writings then became the foundation of the practice of Feng shui. But as already mentioned, it goes a long way back.

But, you may be asking, is it of any use to me today? Well the answer is yes, it is, but you will only discover its secrets by conducting some methodical research yourself.

Where can you turn to for help in your research? For a start, visit your local bookstore, and you will be amazed at how much information they have on Feng Shui. Then you could try your local library. Also, look out for some helpful Blogs on this subject, and finally, the internet will provide you with a wealth of information.

john savage has a helpful Blog called Feng-Shui Secrets which you will find very revealing.

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BEFORE You Feng Shui - Things you MUST know before a Feng Shui Consultation

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

Feng Shui is a Healing art. It is meant to inspire, transform, help and assist out clients to achieve their goals. I don?t believe it was ever intended to instill fear, make people uncomfortable in their own homes or worry about changes they make. And yet, that is exactly what I have been seeing lately.

A case in point: On a recent visit to a client I was dismayed to enter a beautiful condo unit and find complete and utter lack of attention to the home. By lack of attention, it had clearly not been cleaned in a very long time as the grime was built up on everything; the entire unit was cluttered with things lining both the furniture and couches. The kitchen went unused and it was almost impossible to step into the bedroom due to the clothes and debris all over the floor. Something had gone horribly wrong and we cleared off a space on the floor to sit and discuss her life and issues.

She was an intelligent, beautiful accomplished person who had previously been both a model and a singer in a band and was now on disability due to a recent accident. She told me that several years ago she still hadn?t found the right partner and had called a Feng Shui consultant for some help and advice on her relationship issues. The consultant pointed out problem after problem with the layout of her home, with her bathroom, with the direction of the front door----the list goes on. In short, she was told by the consultant to move, that this previously lovely condo would never support her nor would she ever have good luck while she lived there.

Flash forward to today and my visit. She had given up she said; what was the point? She did not have the money to move and truly believed there was nothing she could do to help enhance her life. Powerful and absolutely devastating words from someone she went to for advice and inspiration. Now her mindset was and had been misery. She no longer had friends over, certainly had not even opened herself up to the possibility of a relationship and was having a series of misfortunate ?accidents.? She had given up on her home and her life.

Trying to change her mindset after so many years was a daunting task. I showed her all the good points in her home and gave her easy, inexpensive things she could do to change the energy, starting with cleaning up and getting rid of the clutter. I addressed each room with a positive point of view and if something wasn?t ?politically? Feng Shui correct, showed her simple things to change it.

Sadly, I have been seeing this more and more in my consultations. While I truly believe in the many methods to use Feng Shui, I am always mindful to do no harm. In someone?s home or in their Mind. Yet I am finding client after client who has been told their front door faced the ?wrong? direction, the steps in the center of the home would mean constant health issues and everything negative while only providing their clients with expensive methods such as renovations or telling them the house will never support them at all.

I visit Real Estate offices quite frequently to speak on Feng Shui and Home Staging and honestly there hasn?t been one I have been in that wanted to work with a Feng Shui Consultant. Why? For one thing, Feng Shui Consultants never seem to find the ?perfect? home for their client; sometimes it?s the numbers on the door, sometimes it a misplaced bathroom, sometimes there is a ?negative? space and a complete area of the house is missing. Feng Shui consultants, I am told, point out only negative issues.

I am grateful that I attended classes in Feng Shui by such a wide spectrum of the very best teachers and mentors in the field who were able to provide me with a variety of inexpensive and easy to implement ?cures? for all these problems. When we look at a space, we see it through what is called ?Feng Shui Eyes? but these eyes can be positive in nature and instead, show a person or family how the home will support them and how to ?fix? a missing piece, show them the positive aspects of the front door and how to look at Feng Shui through a positive perspective.

We were taught to be healers in every aspect of the word; we are often challenged ourselves with clients who are so hurt and worried about homes they have been told can?t be fixed, that will never support them that their lives have changed so dramatically in a downward spiral.

Look for a Feng Shui Consultant to inspire you, give you the positive, use the beautiful transcendental cures and blessings and simple and inexpensive methods to change your environment for a more beneficial flow of energy. We are, as the wonderful Pamela Laurance inspired in us every day, to be Mindful, to help, to heal, to transform.

Certainly, finding a consultant who has been well trained in a variety of methods and practices from a positive point of view won?t get you ?stuck? in believing you need expensive renovations or that it?s time to move. They are the ones that will be able to transform, to help and heal and inspire. The positive aspects you put into your thoughts are, ultimately, what will provide you with exactly what you are seeking in every area of your life.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Moving to Your New Abode A New Life Feng Shui

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

The move to a new home or office is exciting. It holds promise for all kinds of new experiences and opportunities. We may well think in advance that new space will not have much impact on the lives or us and loved ones. But think again. Once we occupy a different space in the universe our lives and events are inextricably changed that is hopefully for the better. It is as if different geography affects our very karma.

What to do? First of all it is most important to start with a clean slate. There is something drawing and inviting about a new place. It is like a vacuum waiting to suck in all the adjacent influences. We can see this opening as the very spirit of our own potentialities.

This is what makes moving into a new space so vital and important in itself. Exploit the vastness of this potential to its very core. Get into the right mold by making actual conscious as well as the resulting "intuitive" " that it just feels right " subconscious choices as well. Moving in a deliberate thoughtful manner will help you to make sure that good karma comes and remains. Feng Shui.

First of pack early and pack often. Get started as soon as the moment you know events are chain. Secondly you should clean as you go. Clean your items before you pack them. Not everything is meant to be moved. A good rule of thumb is that if you have not used the item in the last year you are unlikely to use it in the next year. Donate or trash what you do not keep. Someone else at the local value village may be just thrilled at your throwaway. As for sentimental items best to keep only those items that impart good memories. The others - why let them drag you down.

You will need packing supplies. Plan ahead to buy on sale. Packing tape, duct tape, scissors and exacto knives are always necessary. You can never have enough boxes when you need them. Plan for double the amount of cardboard boxes you need.

You may want to hire a professional services to clean the space ahead of time or you do it yourself if funds are limited. A good time frame is 2 to 3 days ahead of the move in.

What else can you do to Feng Shui your move? Prepare your move with welcoming items for the new home such as beautiful flowers or plants, music and special items to make you feel welcome and loved. Next you can buy new mops and brooms. Why sweep away the past with the past. A new life needs all the help and the less drag it can afford.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of picking the correct date for your new move. With a suitable Feng Shui astrological calendar pick a suitable personal Feng Shui moving date.

Lastly be ready for that big day. Prepare your arrival. Buy your house a gift. Have all your legal papers including your closing real estate documents or lease. Make sure you have a first meal there with friends and family whose company you enjoy.

Stand at the threshold of your new home. Enter that threshold. Open the door and begin your new life full of all its potential and vitality. Feng Shui your new home.

Amy Goodmann Senior analyst

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