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Feng Shui Tips for Love

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

First of all, if you?re very keen on augmenting your love life with a good dose of Love Feng Shui, the best thing you can do is to tap your Yan Nian, or Relationship location! Sleep with your head pointed towards this direction, or if you can relocate your bedroom to your Yan Nan area, all the better. Make use of our free, no-nonsense Gua Calculator to ascertain your Yan Nian direction.

If you sleep with your spouse or partner, both your Yan Nian can still be used to strengthen love bonds, as well as harmony and devotion! The best arrangement to suit both your needs is to sleep in a bedroom located in the male?s Yan Nian corner and sleeping with both your heads pointing towards the female?s Yan Nian direction.

You can further up your Love luck by decorating your Yan Nian location with some Romance-rich items. This will give you a further dose of auspicious luck!

Let?s make use of Flying Stars, or Xuan Kong Feng Shui to further up the love factor. This year, 2006, sees the Academic and Love star #4 Green alighting the Northwest location. This auspicious star is of the element Wood, thus you can make use of the Water element to strengthen its prospects. Place a fish tank, aquarium or desktop fountain in this location for the best prospects!

The rose quartz crystal is very special in terms of Romance and Love Feng Shui. This pink-hued crystal can strengthen your confidence, stimulate love potential and best of all, it?s also a great Qi cleanser! Cut crystals have the ability to break up and disperse negative Qi, or energy, to allow the entrance of fresher, more positive Qi to meander about you. A rose crystal bracelet is charming and feminine, and keeping the crystal close to yourself at all times is for the best enhancement.

Do you feel like you constantly butt heads with your significant other? Examine your home or office, and pay close attention to the Central location. For year 2006, this area houses the malignant #3 Jade star, which is known as the Argument Star. Try to lessen your activities in this area, and since the #3 Jade?s element is Wood, you can weaken the quibbles and bickering with a red carpet, a red lampshade or even incense burners ? the smoke wafting from burners represents the Fire element.

The phoenix and dragon together are strong symbols of strong love, fidelity and high romance. Place figurines of the dragon-phoenix couple at home or in the office for a good dose of love luck enhancement. The dragon-phoenix image is incidentally a potent symbol for weddings ? those who are keen for wedded bliss should make use of these lovely animals in areas where they spend most of their time.

Your bed should under no circumstances be located underneath an overhead beam! This is very inauspicious, since you?re directing Shar Qi, or poison arrow directly on yourself. Remove the beam, relocate or hang a bamboo flute or wind chime under the beam to weaken negativities.

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Corey Tsang is the resident Feng Shui expert of, and is well-known for his bi-monthly newsletters on Feng Shui Tips and Feng Shui Alerts of the Month. For more information, please contact Mr Tsang at or visit our website at

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How to Improve Your Child's Bedroom With Feng Shui

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

Feng Shui, the 4,000 year old Chinese practice of arranging our homes to be in harmony with the earth?s energy (chi) so we are balanced with the forces of nature, can be a surprisingly useful tool for making kids feel comfortable in their bedrooms and well rested after a night?s sleep.

Just applying a few Feng Shui principles can make a child?s bedroom feel restful, considerably warmer and more secure.


The walls of your child?s bedroom and the soft furnishings that you add should be in relaxing colours. Neutral naturals such as blue, light pink, light yellow, beige, peach and green are all calming. Avoid using energising colours like red, dark blue and bold yellow as these are too stimulating for a bedroom. Bright colours are good for playrooms but bedrooms need to be more subdued.


Be careful not to cram too much furniture into a child?s room, especially if the space is small anyway. Use furniture that is on a small scale so that your child does not feel dwarfed by their surroundings. Place the bed headboard against a solid wall but avoid positioning it under a window. Also try not to place the bed under skylights, beams or shelves full of books and games.


Always provide enough light by using lamps and light fittings. Natural lighting is also important so throw the curtains wide and let the sunshine in. Also, open the window regularly to allow fresh energy into the room. Make sure that your child cannot reach the open window if they are in the room by themselves or without adult supervision.


Bed linen should be soft and soothing to the child. Brightly coloured sheets are a no-no. Try soft blues (not cold blues) or tone the colour to the paint on the walls. If you would like to add a splash of brightness during the day, throw a cover on the bed that you remove at night.


A child?s bedroom should be kept simple and clean. Limit the toys and books that are kept in the bedroom and remove unnecessary clutter. Store out of season clothes and donate items that are not being used or have been outgrown. Keep the bedroom floor clear of objects as energy needs to circulate the room. Also be sure to clear out the space under your child?s bed frequently to prevent the ?sticking? of energy. You are aiming for a room that your child can feel focused and energised in. Too many objects create distractions and stifle the space.

Four Items to Add:

Place a hanging crystal in the window ? it will reflect colours over the room.

Buy a good quality bed, preferably wooden.

Stick stars on the bedroom ceiling to create a night sky effect.

Positioning a family photo near the bed reminds children of their loving family.

Four Items to Remove:

Never keep rubbish in the room. Place the waste basket outside.

Don?t allow a phone in your child?s bedroom.

Nocturnal pets make too much noise at night to be in a bedroom. Fish tanks should also be removed.

Computers, games consoles and televisions do not encourage quality sleep. At the very least place these devices in a cupboard or behind a screen at night time.

Stella Winstanley is the producer of a children's bedtime story CD that is specially designed to relax youngsters and encourage restful sleep. Visit for more articles on helping children sleep better and tips on how to improve their bedroom.

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Real Estate Marketing Strategies: 5 Tips to Feng Shui Your Mind

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

Is Your Mindset Working For You?

In today?s changing market where the predominant energy is fear, your challenge is to be extremely vigilant about what you focus on. Why is your deliberate focus more important now than ever?

What are you giving attention to? If you?re giving attention to what you don?t want, such as lack, that is what you?ll be getting. It may also show up for you as attracting unmotivated, indecisive, and uncommitted clients. However, change your mindset and you?ll be attracting your ideal clients ? clients that are appreciative of your services.

The Panic Problem

In my 10 years of experience empowering real estate agents to reach their goals, I?ve coached many clients who were subconsciously attracting unwanted outcomes. They came to me feeling panicked and worried about market conditions and slowing sales.

They were diligently working to get their listings sold. But their tried-and-true marketing activities were no longer working. What was the problem? Their focus had shifted with their fearful state of mind.

Are you, as they were, preoccupied with things like:
? How tough the market is
? How there are too many houses for too few buyers
? How unlikely it is for your listing to sell

If you are, you will be creating the very thing you don?t want, which is that your listing won?t sell.

So what do you do?

The Power Solution

Sustaining a positive, high energy mindset is key to attracting your desired outcomes. Because it directly impacts your thoughts, beliefs and feelings, you need to work on your mindset daily to ensure that is working in your favor.

What are you doing for your mind? And did you know that you can create a feng shui for your mind to get your listed houses to sell?

Just as a house is more likely to sell when the energy has been positively enhanced with feng shui, your mind is more likely to create a positive outcome when you have been practicing the Law of Attraction. This powerful tool gives you a step-by-step procedure to become magnetic for abundance, sales, prosperity, and so forth.

Ready to go from panic to power? Here are 5 tips for using the Law of Attraction to help you do just that.

Tip 1: Create a Clear Focus.

How can the universe give you what you want unless you know exactly what that is and focus your energy to attract it? Notice I have included two key elements here:

1. Be absolutely clear about what you want.

2. Give deliberate attention to that desire.

Too often I hear my clients say, ?I want my listings to sell? without being clear on what their desired sales scenario looks like.

I suggest visualizing your ideal sale. See yourself placing the SOLD sign and declare the number of days the home has been on the market. Ask yourself how the purchase price compares to the asking price. What is your income? Is it a full or split commission?

You get the idea. Be clear, detailed, and specific about what you want. Once you are, then choose to focus on only that. Channel your energy with the intention of attracting what you want.

TIP 2: Create Harmony Between Your Energy and Your Desires.

Feel what it feels like to already have what you want. When you do, the energy vibrations you send out into the universe match what you desire, attracting it back to you.

To create that matching energy, visualize in an ?as if? mode. In other words, use the power of your imagination to feel ?as if? your listings have already sold as quickly, easily, and profitably as you wanted.

What positive feelings are you experiencing? Most agents who do this activity say that they feel confident, satisfied, elated, exhilarated, just plain good, etc.

Whatever your unique feelings, know that the more you experience them, the more you magnetize the events leading up to these feelings to fall into your lap. So practice this ?as if? mode every day.

Here?s a tip: It?s easier to recapture those magnetic feelings if you describe in writing what you visualized to create those feelings. Two to three sentences will suffice. You may even want to pattern it after the following which is an actual desire statement from one of my clients:

?My current house sells and I feel elated, happy, and ecstatic. I have two transactions that close in the coming month and I feel accomplished, successful, and prosperous.?

Once you?ve written your desire statement, read it aloud daily for 16 seconds. Feel your vibrations rise and watch as your attraction for what you want increases.

Tip 3: Clear Your Mental Clutter.

Your energy needs to flow freely without encountering harmful obstructions so that the Law of Attraction will work for you. So clear away all self limiting beliefs. How? You?ll need to do a little soul searching, usually with the help of a professional coach specializing in this area, to uncover your subconscious opposing beliefs. They are our blind spots. They are below the surface of our awareness.

After you have identified these self limiting beliefs, reprogram them to become Empowering Beliefs that are in alignment with what you want. Here is an example of one of the self limiting beliefs that I often hear from my clients, followed by what it sounds like after I helped them reprogram it into an Empowering Belief:

Self limiting belief: ?I don?t have what it takes to get my listings sold in a market as tough as this one?

Empowering belief: ?I have everything I need to succeed at getting my listings sold in any market?

Now, just how important is it to clear your mental clutter through this transformation of beliefs?

Think about it this way. You wouldn?t risk sabotaging a sale by inviting clients to view a home that was cluttered with boxes or furniture that block freedom of movement. Yet you are probably trying to invite business into a mind that is cluttered with self-limiting beliefs that constrict the flow of energy into your business and block you from getting the very business that you want.

Tip 4: Take Inspired Action and Allow It to Come to You.

Replace action based on fear with action based on intuition. There?s a very good reason for this. When you follow your inspired thoughts with inspired action ? steps you are motivated to do by your inner nudgings or hunches ? you feel good, energized and joyful. These feelings positively raise your energy vibrations and you become even more magnetic for what you want.

Here?s a tip: Find a way to quiet your mind so that you can listen to your inner nudgings. Chances are you?ve already experienced what intuition feels like, and you probably have acted on that intuition. That?s an example of inspired action. Begin to appreciate all of your thoughts and feelings so that you are more aware when you do get a hunch. Then act on it. What is your intuition telling you to do?

Tip 5: Follow the Formula.

Properly practice the Law of Attraction to get the results you want. Similar to feng shui, practicing the Law of Attraction requires understanding and consistent implementation on a day-to-day basis.

If you find this challenging to do on your own, know that you are in the good company of many others. Most of my clients find it much easier and more effective to have the ongoing guidance, support, and encouragement that a professional business coach can offer.

Whether going solo or with a coach, the bottom line is that you want to make sure you are correctly following the step-by-step process for the Law of Attraction. Why? Because with the Law of Attraction, ?like attracts like? whether wanted or unwanted. To successfully become the deliberate creator of your sales success, become a master of the Law of Attraction.

As a review: Remember to work on your mindset every day to ensure that positive energy flows to make good things happen. Take care not to let external conditions control your mindset. Keep a positive, success mindset and expand the flow of energy into your business. The future of your business depends on your prosperity mindset, not the outer conditions, which are constantly changing.

For more information on powerful marketing tips and tools, please visit Maya's website: While you're there, get your Free Audio Mentoring Session by clicking the first button.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reduce Stress With Feng Shui

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

Reduce Stress With Feng Shui

For more than 3 millenia, Chinese people have used the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui to bring greater prosperity to themselves and to their environment. In the modern era, we are constantly being bombarded by stress.

Whether you're blowing your horn in a traffic jam, trying to wade through the spam emails clogging your inbox, taking unsolicited calls from salespeople on your home phone and that's not even counting the everyday demands put upon you by your work, family, household chores and if you have a second to spare - then try to cram in some "leisure time".

Is it any wonder your nerves are feeling jangled and frayed!

We are all guilty of trying to do too much throughout the day, constantly piling on the pressure with unfulfilled personal expectations just adding to stress of just getting through the day.

There is some good news...

You can restore your energy, recharge yourself and release tension by utilizing Feng Shui to create a home that is a sanctuary.

The principles of Feng Shui can help you create an environment to attract and direct positive energy. You may not be aware of how many different ways your physical space is affecting your well-being. Feng Shui provides help to identify the issues in your environment. If learning about Feng Shui sounds like one more project in an already busy life, consider this is one project which will lighten your load, provide relief and enhance your energy, rather than drain your internal resources or tire you out.

Making the pursuit of Feng Shui knowledge a worthwhile use of your time.

If your energy and your efforts are hindered, if your environment is increasing to your sense of restriction because the Feng Shui is out of balance, your stress only gets worse. Too much stress on the body has been demonstrated time and again as negative for your well being. The overproduction of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline put extra strain on all the systems in your body. These hormones contribute to chronic conditions, like heart disease for example which plague society.

Excess stress wears down the immune system and leads to increased susceptibility colds and other illnesses.

One of the keys to restoring energy and relieving stress is getting enough rest. Using Feng Shui to arrange your bedroom will help you get the fitfull sleep you need. Feng Shui will guide you in selecting the right room to sleep in, the right placement of your bed and the elimination of unwanted items - like mirrors in the bedroom.

All of which will contribute to the quality of your rest and your waking energy.

Anxiety and stress trap and deplete energy. Correct use of Feng Shui optimizes energy. An environment which employs proper Feng Shui principles contributes to harmony, balance and well-being. The Chinese believe Feng Shui helps create the conditions whereby you can excel in your life and your relationships.

Feng Shui restores your energy because the objective of Feng Shui is to allow you to reach balance with your surroundings. You will learn how to place items and arrange space so as to assist the flow of positive Chi energy. You will learn to leave negative energy at the door and fill your living space with good energy. With Feng Shui you can give yourself the positive pleasure of a harmonious, planned home environment designed to increase your well-being.

Tracy O'Brien is a long time student and practitioner of the ancient art of Feng Shui. She is also the founder of

For more Feng Shui Tips and a FREE Feng Shui Astrology Personality Profile, visit:

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Feng Shui Organizing: Use the "Natural Forces of the Universe" to Organize Your Life

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

What is Feng Shui?

When translated into English, feng shui means "the way of the wind and water" or "the natural forces of the universe." People all over the world practice a form of feng shui. Europeans call it "geomancy," while Hawaiians and Native Americans practice their own form of feng shui. To organize your life using feng shui, it is helpful to learn more about the elements of our earth as well as the basic principles of feng shui.

Using the Elements

The Chinese believe everything in the world belongs to one of five elements--they are: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. The easiest way to use the natural forces of the universe when you organize is to incorporate as many of these elements into your design scheme as you can. Decorating with items such as small fountains (water), candles (fire), plants/flowers (earth), and chimes (metal) helps you integrate these elements into your home and/or office and calm your soul.

Using the Principles

Clutter is trapped energy that has far-reaching effects. It affects you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As you organize each room of your home, it is helpful to keep the Ten Basic Principles of Feng Shui in mind (Rich, 279). They are:

  • Clear the Clutter. Clutter takes up not only physical space but mental space too. Clearing out your home literally makes space for your future.
  • Keep the Front Entrance of Your Home Well-Maintained. Did you know that according to feng shui, your entry point is where all the energy flows into your home? Keep this area clean and well defined.
  • Allow Energy to Flow Freely. Clutter and awkwardly positioned furniture can inhibit the flow of energy throughout your home. Energy ushers in good health and harmony.
  • Contain the Energy. Using wind chimes, plants, and mirrors in your home will help you redirect the flows of energy. For instance, if your front and back door are directly aligned, wind chimes will redirect the flow of positive energy. Area rugs also anchor furniture groupings--helping the energy flow from one space to another.
  • Make Sure Everything Works. Maintaining your home and/or office directly affects your clarity. For instance, according to feng shui your home's plumbing represents your body's digestive system and the electrical system corresponds to your neurological system.
  • Check Out Your Home for Negative Energies. Distortions in the electro-magnetic fields of the earth can impact your home and mental clarity. Placing a fountain in front of your home is an excellent way to attract flowing money energy since the water element is the universal symbol for wealth and prosperity.
  • Be Aware of the Images and Symbols in Your Home. Your choices represent messages from your subconscious. Be careful to select accessories for your home and office that reflect what you want from your future.
  • Create a Quiet Sanctuary Within Your Bedroom. Your bedroom needs to be a haven of peace and tranquility--promoting restful sleep. For example, avoid using this place to work. Unless of course you find your work peaceful.
  • Make the Kitchen a Center of Calmness. Most kitchens are the hub of family life. Creating a calm atmosphere in this room affects the quality of the meals you provide for your family.
  • Love Your Home and It Will Love You. Your home should be thought of as a living entity. Caring for it properly allows you to feel supported, safe, and nourished.

Bringing It All Together

Just by practicing these few basic principles and incorporating the natural elements into your home, you will be able to clear the clutter out of your home and out of your life. If you need a little help getting started, don't hesitate to contact me. Sometimes all we need is a friendly professional to jumpstart the organizing process and get us going in the right direction.

Sheri McConnell is the President of the National Association of Women Writers ( She helps women writers and entrepreneurs discover, create, and profit from their intellectual knowledge! Free reports for writers available with subscription to NAWW Weekly. Sheri lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Seth and their four children. Contact her at or her toll free number at 866-821-5829.

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Using Feng Shui to Clear the Clutter

“ Discover The Secrets That Billionaire Chinese Business Tycoons Know (That You Don't) About Attracting Money, Fortune, Success and Much More Using Simple, Ancient Feng Shui Techniques...! ”

I can show you step-by-step how you too can have more wealth, luck, happiness, career success, health, love, and much more to completely transform your life! . . . with the help of some quick, easy-to-do feng shui techniques!

Clearing the clutter and debris in your home and in your personal life is the first step of Feng Shui and it costs nothing. Clutter is trapped energy that has a far-reaching effect physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Clutter makes you feel unorganized, confused, keeps you in the past, congests your body, and leaves you feeling lethargic and tired. Clutter is energy constipation and who needs that?

Ridding yourself of clutter (even things which were once of value to your life) makes room in your life for what you really want and need now, at this point in your life.

Ten Tips for Eliminating Clutter

  1. Use the Ultimate Clutter Test ~ Does it lift your energy? Do you use it? Do you love it? If you answer no to these questions, it's time to let it go.
  2. Give yourself a miniature energy shift ~ Set a kitchen timer for 30 minutes and clear a small area such as a kitchen drawer. You will probably find you are feeling more energized and might have trouble stopping!
  3. Put things away within 30 seconds of using them. ~ How many times have you tossed a magazine on the table, intending to get back to it? Is it still on the coffee table? Just for today, put everything back in its place.
  4. Throw things away often ~ 80% of what is stored or saved is never used again - that applies to papers, clothes, magazines etc. Maybe it's time to clean out those old files stored on your computer or your desk?
  5. Make a list of all the unfinished things in your life ~ This could include letters or phone calls you need to make, someone you need to apologize to, an appliance that doesn't work. Then set out to complete these things. They have all been draining your energy.
  6. Do a little clutter busting every day ~ Sort mail daily and file your paperwork. Have a place to put things so you don't waste time looking for your keys etc.
  7. Get rid of old clothes ~ Ask yourself these questions: Do my clothes represent who I am now? Do they make me feel good about myself? If your closet is filled with clothes you no longer need, donate them to charity. Open up space in your closet for new things to come in.
  8. Clean out your cupboards and refrigerator ~ Do you have any non-perishable items that you know you won't eat? Donate them to a food bank or offer them to your neighbor. Get rid of outdated food items in the refrigerator and give it a good cleaning.
  9. Donate books that no longer serve your needs ~ Aim to have a collection of books that represent you as you are today, not who you were in the past.
  10. Think before you buy ~ The next time you go shopping, ask yourself before you buy something, "Do I really love this and need it?"

As you identify and release your clutter, you free up the energy held there for more constructive purposes. Your life may take off in ways you never thought possible.

Clearing your clutter is essential in Feng Shui. What you want is available to you, but there may be no room in your home and life for it! Letting go of what no longer serves must occur before more treasures can come into your life. Releasing clutter can help you clear life patterns which do not serve you any longer. The simple act of clearing clutter can transform your life by releasing negative emotions, generating energy, and allowing you to create space in your life for the things you want to achieve.

Begin today by choosing one area to begin with, such as a counter top that has accumulated an entire month of junk mail. You'll get more, I promise! Keep the clutter-busting simple. If you look at the whole picture, you might become overwhelmed and not do anything. As you eliminate the clutter from your environment, visualize what it is that you are making room for. This will begin the process of manifestation.

Kathy Browning is an Autoimmune Disease Nutrition Consultant and co-founder of She is the author of "The Diva Diet" and co-author of "Autoimmunity: It's Time for Truth; It's Time to Heal." Ms. Browning is the editor of "Conquering Autoimmunity", a monthly ezine for individuals with autoimmune disease. To learn more about autoimmune disease or subscribe to newsletter, visit

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