Monday, August 22, 2011

Feng Shui - Positioning your Office for Success

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Would you believe that you can position your office and office furniture in a way that positively affects your success and efficiency? Check out these Feng Shui tips for positioning your office for success!

The best position for your home office is facing south - this governs your fame area. Or, you could position your home study facing northeast - this governs your education and knowledge area. If these positions arent possible, try placing your desk in a south or northeast corner.

The best position for your desk is in the corner that is diagonally opposite the office door. You want to be able to see the doorway and who is coming into the room. If you sit with your back to the door youll always feel threatened. Of course, in my home office my desk is diagonally opposite the office door, but my back is to the door. The way I solved this problem was to position a mirror at my desk so I can see the doorway behind me -- now my husband cant sneak up on me anymore ;-)

Have a wall behind your chair, rather than a window, for symbolic support. If you have no choice, keep the blind down. Dont sit too close to the door, because it will make you feel unprotected and as if youre losing control.

There are a few other things that will help to position your home office for success. Clear the effects of electromagnetic stress from your computer by taking frequent breaks. Plus you can place a clear quartz or rose quartz crystal next to it to absorb negative emissions. Peace lilies and a cactus called Cirrus peruvianus will also absorb emissions.

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