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How Feng Shui Brings Prosperity

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The feng shui tradition teaches that wealth and prosperity require the correct attitude and conditions. You struggle with prosperity when there are obstacles to the flow of chi in your home or workplace. Removing obstacles and freeing energy is part of applying feng shui. Prosperity is not just about having money or things, it is about achieving a consistent feeling of abundance and security. The spiritual view of abundance is not simply about financial wealth, but about abundance in all good things in life: family, health, balance.

Whatever your goals may be, feng shui is a tool to help you reach them. Your environment affects your thought patterns. If the environment remains static, you are likely to get bogged down as well. If you want to achieve wealth and prosperity you need an environment that works with you, not against you. This is where feng shui comes in. When energy is moving freely, it can carry you forward towards your goals. You want an environment that reflects who you are and where you are going, that embodies an intention to action. Your environment should be symbolic of the prosperity you want.

Ironically, one of the first steps in using feng shui to bring prosperity is removing clutter in your life and your environment. Extra stuff that blocks doors and windows, old clothes and furniture collecting dust mites, can stymie you. feng shui instructs you to remove these obstacles and free your space. Dead plants, broken furniture, unfinished projects do not contribute to expanding your wealth and well-being, but instead hold negative energy. Clutter is anything that is unfinished, unresolved, unused. Using feng shui, you address the clutter to free yourself. While clutter slows down chi energy, sometimes the energy in your environment can be moving too fast, like money flying out the door. Feng shui principles help restore balance between these two troublesome scenarios.

Feng shui involves not only removing obstacles but adding positive energy. Items that bring good energy contribute to prosperity. Positive inspirational objects and symbols of wealth, from coins to family photos, can contribute to creating the right kind of energy in your home. Feng shui principles guide you in adding the colors, objects and special features to your home and workplace that contribute to prosperity. Feng shui even identifies the "wealth corner" in your home, a place that needs to be kept orderly and clean and designed to bring positive, prosperous thoughts to mind.

In adding positive symbols and energies to your environment, you are not focusing on what you do not have, or on a feeling that you do not have enough. Wanting and feeling unsatisfied do not contribute to prosperity. With feng shui you are focusing on gratitude, which creates a sense of abundance. Feng shui shows you how to surround yourself with symbols of prosperity and wealth and full your environment with positive, forward-moving energy that will help you realize your goals.

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